This film is based on a true story and a book by Jay Anson, published in 1977, and films that have been released sebelumnya.The Amityville is a real horror story of America’s most popular, although some people still doubt the truth of ghost stories relating to a house that is mentioned in this story.

The Amityville Horror movie story begins when a family moved into a house that had previously been a place of mass murder of a family. Is a family of George Lutz and Katy Lutz and their three children, they moved into a house and their intention to keep the atmosphere of horror in the house. Finally, strange happenings and creepy even begin to happen, first when George began acting strangely, and Chelsea, their daughter began to see people or spirits are creepy. The film, directed by Andrew Douglas, and starring Ryan Renolds, Melissa George, and Jimmy Bennett is really scary.