I want to tell you a bit of my trip to Sawarna may be a reference for the friend – a friend who wanted to Sawarna, I departed from jakarta beginning at 11 pm, I chose to leave tonight because they want to avoid traffic jams on the road and it turns out I was wrong timing because the road to Sawarna slightly damaged very difficult to be in use at night.

And keep in mind do not forget to booking accommodation, because when you’re the holidays according to the information people around the accommodation was full so there have to book ahead of time, there cheapest accommodation ranges from 300 thousand and can be for 4-5 people

And the last one I exhausting journey far, paid off with a beautiful view of Sawarna, beaches are still clean and the waves – waves complement Sawarna beautiful beaches, but there is the thing to remember there is no prohibition to swim, for those who still want to swim desperate means already received risk abject.